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Areas of Activity

Real Estate

We help our Clients in the purchase and sale of real estate, whether to live in or for investment purposes, and an adequate due diligence of the legal business must always be conducted.

The due diligence must cover the legal and tax aspects related to the property.

The transfer of ownership is conducted by means of a public deed of purchase and sale or an authenticated private document. As a rule, prior to the deed, the execution of a promissory purchase and sale agreement, where the intentions of the parties and the guarantees of the business are detailed and warranted.

Finally, the acquisition is registered for publicity and public faith.

Steps to follow for foreign customers:

  • Choice of property;
  • Application for NIF and tax representation if necessary;
  • Account opening;
  • Signature of the Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement (CPCV)
  • Public Deed;
  • Registration.

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